ACM ISS 2023
Sun 5 - Wed 8 November 2023

Call for Contributions

The ISS demo session provides a great opportunity for authors to present their prototypes, products, and applications to conference attendees. We will provide a virtual demonstration area where you can showcase your best interactive experiences and commercial products during the ISS 2023 conference. Our goal is to provide a highly interactive forum for lively discussions and hands-on experiences around the most exciting interactive technologies and installations.

Submission details:

Submission format:

Virtual Demos

ISS 2023 is going hybrid. Unlike in previous years:

  • a video demonstration is required at time of submission
  • a poster is not required as part of the submission.

What are we Looking For?

Creative and innovative technologies and applications in interactive surfaces and spaces, including displays, input, and sensing technologies, interaction techniques, shape-changing devices, computer vision applications, audio–speech interfaces, wearable devices, visualization techniques, interfaces for public spaces, and more. Also, demos from industry (i.e., commercial applications and products) are highly encouraged.

What are the benefits?

You will get the opportunity to perform an online demonstration of your exciting projects and ideas to experts from both academia and industry during the conference. Your submission will be published and indexed in the ACM digital library as an extended abstract.

How will we evaluate?

Demo submissions will be reviewed and selected by the demo chairs. Confidentiality of submissions is maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference. Abstracts of invited demos from the papers track will not be reviewed. We want to showcase interactive technologies from all over the world and create a highly exciting event. We thus encourage resubmission of existing exciting demos.

Demonstrating during a virtual conference?

Accepted demos will be demonstrated remotely by the authors to a live audience. At least one author is expected to present the demo during the times of the conference demo session and to interact with conference attendees. The virtual format of the demo session expands the capabilities of demo demonstrations in previous years, giving authors the opportunity to even demonstrate large-scale installations that could not have been brought to a conference venue.

Preparing the Submission

Every submission should include:

  • A submission document using the ACM TAPS Templates (single column), maximum 6 pages including references. Submissions should not be anonymized. Accepted submissions will be published on the ACM digital library.
  • A video of up to 5 minutes long and at most 100MB in size.

1. Document submission

The document submission should not be longer than 6 pages long, and must include all figures and references, and must be using the ACM TAPS Templates. The submission should include a description of the relevance of the work to the immediate ISS conference community, as well as to the broader ISS community, emphasizing its novelty, uniqueness, and rationale.

2. Video

A video must be submitted along the written document, as it is the optimal medium to communicate your demonstration to the reviewers how authors envision their demonstration to the live audience at the conference. The video must be no longer than 5 minutes and must be less than 100 MB in size. Please make sure that your video is playable on standard PC and Macintosh computers. We recommend that you encode your video as an MP4 using the H.264 codec. Submitted videos may be used on the ISS website during and after the virtual conference. Be sure to have permission for all content, and use rights-free music tracks.

Selection Process

Demo submissions will be reviewed by the ISS demos co-chairs for the suitability of ISS and this year’s virtual format. Due to the nature of this year’s conference format, submissions will be particularly evaluated on the quality of the accompanying video and the potential for remote demonstration. Review comments will be lightweight and justify the outcome. There will be no rebuttal phase.


Resubmitting a demonstration shown at a previous venue is allowed. Authors are requested to mention that the work has been demonstrated at other venues in the PCS submission.

Upon Acceptance of your Demonstration

For each accepted demo, at least one author must register for the ISS conference. Authors will also be required to upload a still image as well as a 30-second preview video that will both be used to advertise the demonstration before and during the conference.

More details will be provided in the following weeks regarding the organization during the conference and the adaptation that will be implemented due to the virtual format of this year’s ISS conference.

Invited Demos from the Full Paper Track

Authors of (conditionally) accepted full papers are invited to participate in the ISS demo session to present the work described in their paper. To request a slot in the demo track, you need to have submitted a video that evidence that you have content suitable for live demonstration (e.g. a working system).

The demo chairs reserve the right to decline the demonstration provided the suitability for demonstration. Please let us know if you wish to demonstrate your work, and be assigned a dedicated demo virtual room by checking the box on your resubmission form.

Demos Chair

Dmitriy Babichenko, University of Pittsburgh, USA

If you have questions about Demos for ISS 2023, contact the Poster Chair